We throw ourselves into some pretty hairy and remote situations and we literally trust our lives to Adventure Medical Kits products. Medical kits, blister treatment, hygiene products and bleeding stoppers are all nice to have on any outing and are absolutely must-haves for all expeditions. The Ultralight & Watertight .7 is typically what we carry in an adventure race and meets most races' first aid kit requirements.


Don't Be caught out there with a worthless mylar blanket, and grab an Escape bivvy to experience a moist-free bivvy sack night. The only waterproof, windproof, heat-reflective, BREATHABLE bivvy out there!


Darn Tough keeps our feet happy for days. We typically only need to change our socks once every 24 hours. There are many options to pick from to suit your preferences from color, height, cushion and material. Thin nylon running socks just don't cut it for days in the backcountry! Oh yeah and they are made in the USA.


We take a lesson from the goat. '4 legs good, 2 legs baaaaad.' Leki makes lightweight, strong and compact poles that we would never leave behind on any long and/or hilly trekking leg. The new Micro Trail Pro's are the new standard for ultra-running and fast hiking poles.    


'Be your own brand' and don't be stuck with only cycling kits. Check out their new multi-sport items and ultra running shorts. Your team needs to look good and represent your partners in style, contact us to help you get Champ-Sys kits for your team or event. You are the designer and can produce your own clothing as simple or as wild as you can. Zebra stripes!!


Julbo produce fun yet highly functional multi-sport sunnies.  The photochromatic lenses keep us moving forward, our eyes protected and our vision clear as they change intensity with whatever the sun is doing.  Amazing!  The Zebra light lenses go nearly clear in dark light so we wear them all night long to protect our eyes from branches.


Zealios produces skincare products that are specifically designed for the endurance athlete. We keep the Sun Barrier SPF 45 within an arm's reach on all of our adventures. It is a high performance sunscreen with 8% zinc, oil-free and extremely water resistant. We recommend starting with the Full Line Bundle which comes with the body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen and chamois cream.


Nordenmark makes the most practical and trustworthy mountain bike map board holders we have used.  We have broken many other styles of boards during races only to struggle with slow mountain bike navigation because of frequent stops to check the map.  Put the map in front of your face with the Nordenmark.  Made in Sweden.  For USA sales contact us here and we will help you get set up!