Garret Bean

Resides: San Francisco, CA
Years with the team: 5

Garret discovered his knack for endurance sports late in life, but his years of being an adventurous child growing up in the San Gabriel Mountains prepared him well.  He keeps his teammates perpetually in hysterics as he leads the charge out on the race courses.  He is the first to crack a joke and lighten the most tense situations.  It’s not all fun and games with Garret as he is an advocate of solar energy and “solves tomorrow’s problems today” as he likes to put it.  Garret enjoys officiating weddings, Southwest Airlines, and home decorating.

Career Highlights

  • 1st - US National Championships 2015
  • 1st - ARWS Alaska 2015
  • 3rd - ARWS South Africa 2014
  • 3rd - AR World Championships Costa Rica 2013
  • 1st - ARWS Wyoming 2013
  • 2nd - ARWS South Africa 2013
  • 2nd - ARWS California 2012