Aaron Johnson

Resides: Larkspur, CA
Years with the team: 1

Not only does Aaron have an artistic eye for capturing adventurous moments, he can keep up all while hauling the camera equipment around.  Aaron is the mountain bike specialist always willing to share his skills and his passion for photography.  Take a peek at his work at www.ajphoto.net. Aaron has completed several mountain bike touring races.  These races are the ultimate endurance test on the bike as they are long (AZ Trail Race is 750 miles!!) and completely self supported.  Aaron is most comfortable waking up from a sleeping bag placed in the dirt and sipping on self brewed coffee.  Typically he is the first one awake preparing for sunrise photo opportunities, and starting breakfast for the crew.  Aaron’s 2016 goals involve supporting the team through his photo and video editing skills while still competing in a few races.

Career Highlights